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Frequently Asked Question
FAQ for Tudox Wall Printer – If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, please contact us.
Is it difficult to move the Wall Printer?

No, our machine is portable and disassembled. You can carry it very easily.

How long does it take to get the Wall Printer ready to print?

You can set up and print with Tudox Wall Printer in just 15 minutes.

What type of ink do we need for Wall Printer?

UV ink is used for Wall Printer.

Which surfaces can I print on?

You can work on almost any print surface. You can use it on wood, glass, metal, plaster and ceramics.

What is the ink consumption in the applications?

It may vary according to the color intensity of the applied surface. With 1 liter of ink, you can print on an average of 60-70 square meters.

How long does the applied image last?

It is permanent on the wall surface for an average of 4-8 years for indoors and 2.4 years for outdoors.

Where can I work with a wall printer?

You can do business in schools, hotels, restaurants, cafes, clinics and many more.

Do you provide training on machine use?

Yes, we have a detailed and intensive training process from A to Z. Remember that you can contact us about anything.

Do you provide technical support in case of malfunctions?

For us, customer satisfaction is paramount. As Tudox Wall Printer team, we are at your side in any negativity that may happen to you. Our technical support service is unprecedented in this sector.

Where can I get ink for Wall Printer?

Tudox Wall Printer is a manufacturer company and we sell all kinds of spare parts and inks.

How can I buy it?

You can call us, WhatsApp us or send us an e-mail. We send you our price offer within the day and we send you the details quickly.