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Tudox Wall Printer – Eco

24 April 2017
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Tudox Wall Printer – Eco
3D Vertical Wall printer

With Tudox Wall Printer – ECO, which we produce with A quality parts, we add beauty to all kinds of printing surfaces! We manage advantageous prices, easy shipping anywhere in the world, technical support and training processes in the best way. You can ask us any questions you have in mind to our Support Team.

Product Description

Our Wall Printer machine is manufactured with the highest quality parts. You will always be ahead of your competitors with the Wall Printer, which is ergonomic, easy to carry and install in a few minutes with the latest technology hardware features. You will create wonders with Tudox Wall Printing Machine, which will bring you new customers and markets in your projects. We are proud to be the first and only wall printer manufacturer to provide unprecedented after-sales technical support in the sector. You can use Tudox Wall Printer in Home, Villa, Cafe, Hotel Restaurant, Museum, Fair and many other areas where you will create the highest quality, powerful and colorful images. If you haven’t watched our promotion yet, click here!

Product Features

  • 200 Cm. Print Height
  • 400 cm. Print Length
  • TX800 Print Head
  • UV System 1.5×3 ADE Ray
  • Print Speed 2-6 Square Meters per Hour
  • 70 Kg. Easy to Carry Laptop Weighs
  • 1 Set UV Ink
  • It can be shortened and lengthened for different ceiling heights.
  • It takes just 10 minutes to set up the Tudox Wall Printer and get started.
  • Tudox Wall Printers have UV system. It uses UV ink and dries almost instantly.
  • The ink consumption of the Tudox wall printer is very low and allows for more profit.
  • The error rate is almost zero thanks to the guide rails.
  • The first and only wall printer manufacturer to offer unprecedented after-sales technical support.

Product Gallery

Tudox machinery and hydraulic pneumatic systems industry trade limited company Wall Printing Machine  production and selling
It has set out to become the leader of the sector within the framework of the year-end and 5-year plan in the production  of 5D wall printers.

Knowing that training and after-sales technical support are essential in the Wall Printing machine   we are constantly improving ourselves to provide the world’s most ambitious and high quality technical support and we are committed to providing the best technical support in the world so that none of our customers have any problems.

Our company always prioritizes the health, safety and welfare of the community above all other goals and provides services by considering the sustainable use of natural and economic resources.

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