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    Tudox Wall Printer

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    Wall printer is completely our own production. We complete the wall printer production with A quality materials. We can send your wall printer orders anywhere in the world. Tudox Wall Printer, which has many advantages such as easy installation, instant drying ink, guide rail, you can take advantage of advantageous prices. You can visit our youtube channel to review our Wall Printer Application Videos.

    You will create wonders with Tudox Wall Printing Machine that will bring you new customers and markets in your projects. You can fill out the form to get an offer immediately.

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    Wall Printer

    Wall Printer In other words, wall printing machines are printers that allow the creation of desired patterns and images on the wall. It gives the opportunity to print vertically on the wall. It is a preferred technology for colouring the walls and having a much better visual appearance. You can apply unique designs to the vertical areas you want. Moreover, it can be applied on many surfaces. Immediately Wall Printer You can browse our products.

    What is Wall Printer?

    What is a wall printer? The question has started to attract much more attention in recent years. While we are used to standard prints and 3D printing applications in horizontal areas, nowadays, printing applications on vertical areas are also extremely important. Wall printer, a newly developed technology, provides an excellent printing process at the desired levels in areas such as walls. You have the chance to apply unique and extraordinary designs to the vertical surfaces you want. Moreover, you have the opportunity to apply to any surface you want. 3D Wall Printer technology, you can create three-dimensional designs on vertical surfaces. Thanks to this technology, you have the opportunity to apply directly to surfaces. Wall Printer You can view printing applications on our YouTube channel.

    Features of Wall Printer Technology 

    Vertican Wall Printer technology makes excellent printing applications on surfaces with extremely important features. The general features of this technology are as follows;
    • It has unlimited print height and print length.
    • Printing speed up to 2-6 square metres per hour.
    • Just 10 minutes is enough to set up the system and start printing.
    • Since UV ink is used, it dries immediately.
    • Since ink consumption is almost negligible, it provides high profit.
    • Guide rails are available to minimise the error rate.
    • It has the ability to print directly on surfaces.
    • You have the opportunity to apply your designs permanently on the surfaces you want.
    • Images of almost any size can be applied on the walls.
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    On Which Surfaces Is It Used?

    Wall printer The most important features of the products are that they can be applied on all kinds of surfaces in vertical areas. Regardless of the construction materials and building features used on vertical surfaces, printing can be done. You can easily use the images you want on these surfaces and apply them as you wish. Of course, the quality of the printing processes and visual distortions will vary according to the applied surfaces. Therefore, some changes may occur in prints.

    How Does Wall Printing Machine Work?

    The wall printing machine is used for direct application to surfaces. The process is generally similar to printing on paper with an inkjet printer. The UV inks used during printing dry immediately. Since it is a compact printer, it can also be used in small spaces and rooms. The most commonly used areas of Wall uv printer printer printer are as follows;
  • Hotels
  • Banks
  • Schools, Conference Halls, Sports Facilities
  • Industrial plants
  • Restaurant, Cafe, Entertainment Venues
  • Fuel Stations
  • Official Institutions
  • Museums
  • Fairs
  • Tudox Wall Printer

    Tudox wall printer It is a product produced with the highest quality materials and accordingly creates excellent print quality. It has the latest technology hardware features. In addition to this, other features of the device;
  • Provides easy and ergonomic transport.
  • It is also extremely easy to install.
  • Provides high quality colour and strong printing.
  • It is used in areas such as villas, hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums and fairs.
  • Wall Printer Prices

    Wall printer prices vary according to the features, size and many other important features of the devices. You can contact us to get more information about these technologies and get a price quote. With a good wall printer, you can create perfect designs. All you have to do for this is to contact and Price Offer is to take    
    On which surfaces can wall printer be used?

    You can apply your unique designs on all kinds of surfaces. Plastered walls, wood, wallpaper, glass, stone, metal, plastic and concrete can be applied on many surfaces.

    What kind of images can be printed with a wall printer?

    Thanks to Wall printer technology, you can print photo frames, hand-drawn drawings, classic cartoon characters, 3D drawings or even a stanza of poetry.

    Who is the wall printer suitable for?

    Wall printer technology is an effective technology used in many areas. It is especially necessary for the following professions and people. These people; Interior Architects, Advertising Agencies, Architecture Offices, Printing Presses, Artists Graphic Designers, Furniture and Decoration Project Firms, Paint Project and Application Firms, Fair Stand Design Firms, Start-Ups.

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