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What are Cookies?

The websites you visit can save small amounts of information on your computer or mobile phone and read it later when you visit the same website. Files that hold these small pieces of information are called cookies or cookies. Cookies are generally used to improve your browsing experience and personalise websites. For example, if you tick the “remember me” option when you log in to a site, the site will store a cookie containing your username (or special identification number) in your browser. Cookies can only be read by the site that created them. The site also determines how long cookies are stored.

Use Cookies

We use cookies so that you can get the most out of our website (www.tudoxwallprinter.com) and improve your user experience. When you log in to our website, you will be asked whether you agree to the use of cookies.

After selecting the “Accept” option, the cookie will be active. If you later change your mind and do not like the use of cookies, you can delete or block cookies in your browser settings at any time. However, we would like to remind you that this may affect your use of our website. This website will continue to use cookies unless you change your cookie settings in your browser. The purposes for which cookies are used and how long they are stored are explained below. You share certain information and data with us directly or indirectly in order to benefit from the services on our website. This information is the information we collect during the personal information you provide when registering on the site. We store your information and data very carefully. Our website does not share your cookie data stored on our servers with third parties.

Purpose of Use of Cookies

www.tudoxwallprinter.com uses cookies for the following purposes:

Use for Security Purposes: tudoxwallprinter.com may use cookies to enable you to benefit from the functionality of this website or to detect unusual behavior to ensure the administration and security of its systems.

Functional use: tudoxwallprinter.com may use cookies to remind users of their information and past preferences, to facilitate the use of their systems and to provide user-specific usage features.

Performance Uses: tudoxwallprinter.com may use cookies to evaluate and analyse user behaviour and interaction with messages sent to improve and measure the performance of its systems.

Use for advertising purposes: tudoxwallprinter.com may use cookies that measure the effectiveness of these advertisements or analyse the click-through status in order to transmit advertisements and similar content within the interests of the user in its own or third party systems.


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